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3.4    Appellate Courts - Texas Courts of Appeals

The state's fourteen Courts of Appeals have intermediate appellate jurisdiction in both civil and criminal cases appealed from District or County courts. Like the District courts, each Court of Appeals has jurisdiction in a specific geographic region of the state.

Each Court of Appeals has at least three justices, including a presiding chief justice. The number of justices on the Courts of Appeals ranges from three to thirteen, with the specific number of justices on each court established by the Legislature. Judges on the Texas Courts of Appeals serve six-year terms, a medium -length term compared to other states, as this chapter's feature Judicial Terms of Office illustrates.

Presently there are a total of eighty (80) justices authorized for all the Courts of Appeals. Appeals are usually heard by a panel of three justices; however, in particular cases an en banc hearing may be ordered. In these cases all the justices of that particular Court of Appeals hear and consider the case.

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