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Texas Politics - The Legislative Branch
Trey Martinez Fischer on the MALC. Trey Martinez Fischer on the MALC.
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Caucuses illustrate changes in legislature Caucuses illustrate changes in legislature
3.2    Informal Qualifications

For several decades following the adoption of the current constitution, the membership of the Texas legislature was homogeneous - almost all were Democrat, white (Anglo or Germanic), conservative, and male. One might also add to the list: married, middle-aged, and working either in law or business.

The economic, political and social forces that have so transformed Texas in the past few decades have similarly transformed the state Legislature. The transformations of the national political parties, increasing participation of women in the workforce, immigration from other states and from Mexico, the growth of cities, and the diversification of the state economy have all contributed to greater - though limited - diversity of the membership. One way of understanding the trajectory of increased diversity in the legislature is to look at the history of legislative caucuses. The video feature in the right hand bar also features an interview with San Antonio house member Trey Martinez Fischer, who discusses the role of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus.

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