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Texas Politics - Texas Political Culture
6.    Continuity and Change: Political Institutions and Actors

As we've noted before, the striking thing about Texas political culture is how consistent and resilient it has been despite the awesome transformations to the land, the economy, and the people who reside here.

So far we've examined the impact of the political history, economy, peoples, and racial and ethnic cultures of Texas on the development of the state's political culture. For all of these forces we have indicated some possible explanations for the striking continuity of the state's low-taxes, low-services political culture.

In this section, we take a quick look at how political institutions (the Texas Constitution, legislature, bureaucracy, elections, etc.) and actors (political parties, politicians, interest groups, etc.) in Texas promote continuity and propel ongoing evolution to our political culture. By necessity, our review here will be brief. For detailed analysis of particular political institutions and actors please see the relevant chapters of Texas Politics.

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