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Texas Politics - Texas Political Culture
1.2    Looking Ahead

This chapter reviews the prominent elements of Texas political culture, its development, and the nature of its complex interactions with the institutions, processes, socio-economic developments, and historical events in the state.

The next section summarizes the main currents of political thinking and attitudes that shape the state's political culture. Section 3 takes a closer look at political socialization, the process by which political culture is transmitted over time from one year to the next, and from one generation to the next.

The remaining sections of this chapter will provide a sort of guided tour through some of the major historical developments in Texas with an eye toward how these developments shaped the political culture and, in turn, were shaped by the political culture. Section 4 provides a historical view of the socio-economic development of Texas.

In Section 5 we focus on modern Texas, particularly the general settlement patterns, population characteristics, and regionalism in the state. Here, we also examine the interactions between demographics and patterns of economic, social, and political inclusion. Finally, in Section 6 we examine ways in which key political institutions and actors shape, and are shaped by, the state's political culture.

Texas Politics:
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