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Polling Poverty (beta)


Watch a Recorded Webinar Exploring New Edition of Texas Politics

Join James Henson and our collaborators at Soomo Publishing this for a YouTube video of our May 7 webinar discussion the new features and options that will be added to the Texas Politics web text in the Fall of 2014. The webinar provides a guided preview of the exciting new features coming in August. See the Texas Politics webinar here.

The UT/Texas Tribune Poll

Greg Abbott leads Wendy Davis by 12 points in the latest poll.

June 2014 UT/TT Poll

The June 2014 UT/Texas Tribune Poll examined the 2014 elections along with a number of policy issues, including education, immigration, abortion, Obamacare, and the death penalty. See our poll partners The Texas Tribune for additional analysis and examine our published results and graphics in our polling section.

Features & Additions

Recent Additions


- Voting, Campaigns and Elections - 1.0 Introduction
  • Removed videos focused on 2010 election
  • Added video focused on 2014 campaign & election
  • Added election polling features from October 2013 UT/TT poll
  • more >